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Teeco Juice Bundle


Improve our tent cleaning toolbox with this special offer. Make your old greying tent tops look new again.
For only $58.46, there is no safer, easy-to-use cleaning agent for sticky and grey tents than Teeco Juice. Once you experience the cleaning power of this magical cleaner, it will be the only one you ever consider for sticky and grey tents. A must-have for all tent-cleaning toolboxes!
Teeco Juice is very powerful. Using small amounts will remove the most stubborn stains. This is why we are including a simple squirt bottle for applying Teeco Juice. Use sparingly, get a lot done, and save money!
You will need an excellent scrubbing tool to finish the job. We include two options. First is the Teeco hot and cold sponge. If your stain is on clear vinyl, first, dip the sponge in warm water and see how it softens and can be used to scrub stains from clear vinyl without scratching. Or use the same sponge without warm water for a more aggressive scrubbing action. For the simplest of stains, use a multipurpose mesh sponge. We are including a dozen of these sponges for all your cleaning needs.
BONUS- The Teeco Juice and sponges work great when cleaning other rental items, such as tables and chairs. Try it out!

The Teeco Juice is a highly effective and proven deep cleaning agent designed to restore aging tops that are dull or grey. The “Juice” is also the best solution for removing tar, tape, sap, rust, aluminum pole residue and many other stubborn stains. The Juice is not intended to be diluted when used.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in