Streamline Your Tent Cleaning Process With a Teeco Dryer

After investing in a tent washing machine, your company deserves to take the final step to revolutionize your cleaning process. Teeco’s dryers eliminate the hassle of drying tents and ensure that you’ll have inventory ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Through years of research and development, we’ve invented two types of large capacity tent dryers that thoroughly dry large volumes without damaging fabric.

Each machine is specifically designed to dry tents gently, efficiently, and completely. Our technology prevents even the biggest tents from shrinkage, stretching, and delamination – ensuring that your inventory stays in tip-top shape.

We back every purchase with a 5-year parts and workmanship warranty.

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Benefits of Investing in a
Teeco Dryer

Saves Warehouse Space
Every inch of your warehouse floor is valuable real estate. Investing in a tent drying machine allows you to reduce the square footage needed to hang or floor-dry tents – a viable solution for companies looking to grow their business or inventory in the future.
Thoroughly Dries Every Piece
Our machines dry every nook and cranny, including most webbing and straps, to ensure that your inventory is ready to go within a few hours.
Reduces Drying Time
A dingy, moldy tent speaks volumes about a rental operator and can jeopardize the future of your business. Our machines prevent mildew from growing on tents in even the most humid climates.


Tumbler Dryer

Teeco's low temperature tumbler dryer gives you the ability to dry high volumes of tents in a shorter period of time. These sturdy machines completely dry any style of tent – including webbing and straps.

Model 2000

Dimensions: 12x17'
Load Capacity: 2,000 square feet
Temperature Range: 95 to 105 F
Designed to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses, our 2,000 square foot dryer is suitable for companies looking to make the most of their floor space. Their compact design fits in warehouses with limited space, while eliminating the need to hang dry tents. This commercial grade solution is great for companies expecting 2 to 3 loads per day.

Model 3000

Dimensions: 20x30'
Load Capacity: 3,000 square feet
Temperature Range: 95 to 105 F
Our 3,000 square foot model is the perfect solution for medium to large businesses looking to take control of their drying times. This industrial grade solution is great for companies looking to get 6 to 8 loads done per day.

Model 5000

Dimensions: 20x30'
Load Capacity: 5,000 square feet
Temperature Range: 95 to 105 F
The best fit for large businesses with substantial inventories, our 5,000 square foot dryer will help ensure that you always have inventory on hand during your busiest seasons. This industrial grade solution is great for companies looking to get 6 to 8 loads done per day.

Flat Panel Dryer

Our flat panel dryer is designed for customers with large structure and flat panel inventories who are ready to invest in the most effective panel dryer on the market. If your company has a lot of structure tents and traditional peaked tents. The flat panel dryer is a great addition to a Teeco tumbler washer.

These machines use low temperatures and powerful, high-efficient fans to quickly dry flat pieces while protecting their material.

Flat Panel Dryer

Dimensions: 22 feet long, 15 feet wide, 16 feet tall
Built to accommodate 5 to 6 meter wide structure tops

Customize your machine

Every business is different—and we want to ensure that you choose
the dryer that’s best for you.

To further discuss which model will meet your drying needs,
schedule a call with one of our team members.

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  • “It’s hard to make the decision to spend the money on a tent washer, but I would tell anybody that it will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make.”

    Bernie Puglisi, Nolan's Party Rental
    Rochester, NY - Nolan's Party Rental
  • “When somebody gets into the tent business, I tell them that before they buy their first tent, they should buy their tent washer. If you want to keep your tents clean, it's the only way to go.”

    Bart Nye, Prime Time Party Rental
    Dayton, OH - Nolan's Party Rental