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Three Steps to Repair a Teeco Tent Washing Machine

1. DIY & Order Parts Online

For the Do It Yourselfers, fill out the form below for instant access to videos that will help you diagnose common problems and order parts.

2. Schedule a Phone or Video Consult

Schedule a free 30 minute phone or video consultation. Fill out the form below to make an appointment FOR your mechanic or electrician to work with a Teeco service technician. Hourly rates apply after first 30 minutes.

3. Have Someone Else Fix My Machine

Have a Teeco technician visit your facility to repair your machine. Fill out the form below to schedule a visit.

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Click on the statement that best describes your issue, and watch the video to learn more.

My washing machine drum rotates only in one direction.

My water pump is not pumping waste water.

When I set my timer for running the washing machine, the timer does not turn the machine off at the set time.

When I set my timer for filling the water, the timer does not shut the water valve at the set time.

My washing machine does not rotate because my coupler on the drive train is broken. How do I fix the coupler?

How do I replace the door seal on my washing machine?

The drum on my washing machine is not rotating. What can I check to solve this?

The door on my washing machine is leaking. What do I need to check to solve this?

How do I replace the small guide-wheels on my washing machine?

How do I replace the drain valve?

I need to replace the larger wheels, or bearing, that rotate my washing machine drum. How do I replace my drive train?