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Handheld Cleaning Polisher


For smaller tops or cleaning heavily soiled areas, the handheld cleaning polisher is a great tool to have. Perhaps you have smoke damage from a BBQ pit that left an area of your top in bad shape, or your customer used tape or stickers on your top. Grab the handheld cleaning polisher and use Teeco Juice with a red or blue cleaning pad to easily remove such stains. Or maybe you need to clean your smaller tent tops on a table top and wipe them dry. Use a small amount of cleaning chemical your handheld cleaning polisher to quickly and effectively clean and dry your smaller tops and sidewall.

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Use this dual action polisher with a removable blue or red cleaning pad to clean just about anything that gets on your tent tops. If you are removing tar, tape, sap or bringing an aging top back to life, use your handheld cleaning polisher with Teeco’s “Juice” to quickly get the job done. Or perhaps you are cleaning smaller tops and sidewall in limited spaces on tables. Use the Handheld Cleaning Polisher with “Teeco Clean”. Use a Teeco spray bottle to spray a light coating of diluted Teeco Clean on the surface , scrub with your handheld polisher and wipe the top dry. Don’t forget to purchase your cleaning pads to go with your handheld cleaning polisher.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 7 × 7 in

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