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Teeco Stitch Guard


BLEACH NEUTRALIZER WHEN CLEANING MOLD – The proven way to use bleach and calcium hypochlorite to clean mold while protecting your tent’s webbing, vinyl, and stitching. Bleach or calcium hypochlorite is the most effective cleaner to remove mold stains, and when not used properly can rot tent stitching and degrade tent vinyl. When cleaning mold form vinyl tents , use a dilution of bleach or calcium hypochlorite and water. Then throughly rinse. Finally use Teeco’s stitch guard to guarantee that any harmful residual bleach or calcium hypochlorite is not left in the stitches or on the vinyl surfaces.

Instructions: When hand washing, ,dissolve Teeco Stitch Guard in a bucket of water as described on the label. Then throughly soak all surfaces previously cleaned with bleach or sodium hypochlorite. Make sure to soak all webbing, stitching and keder. When using in a tent washing machine , simply add Teeco Stitch Guard to the last rinse cycle.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in

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