Return on Investment Calculator

As a business owner, your time and money are valuable resources – and we want to help you make the most of them.

Adding a Teeco washing machine to your warehouse allows you to save money in the long-term by increasing the number of clean tents in your inventory.

You’ll also be investing in your company’s most important asset: Your people.

Instead of performing the tedious work of manually washing tents, your employees can spend time completing other tasks that help grow your business.

Use this calculator to determine the time, money, and resources your company can save by investing in a Teeco machine.

“We did the math and figured out that our Teeco washer paid for itself within 12 to 24 months of purchasing. It’s now pushing 15 to 20 years of use with almost no downtime whatsoever.” – Matt, Peerless Party, Dallas


A Teeco tent typically increases efficiency in washing tents by 40-80%. Based on your input, you can expect to save 4-8 labor hours, or $3120-$6240 per year.

How will you use the extra time and money a Teeco tent allows you?

• Reduce time spent washing tents
• Have more free labor hours to reallocate elsewhere in your business
• Turn tents faster, allowing more inventory at any given time
• Reduce the square footage of warehouse space needed (Teeco machines take up less space than laying tents out and hand-washing)
• Trim back on your employee count
• Extend the life of your tents