How A Teeco Tent Washer Cleans Tents Better Than Hand Washing

Venturing back to the early 20th century, clothing was cleaned on a washboard. The process was time-consuming, manually grating, and simply could not return textiles to a pristine condition. Luckily, households replaced this tried and true process with washing machines, making it easier, quicker, and produced cleaner clothing.

Technology has changed – and the way you clean party tents should, too.

Teeco is dedicated to providing rental company owners with the machines needed to make the granular process of washing party tents more efficient.

Not only do tent washing machines make it less difficult, they also deep-clean in ways that can’t be matched through hand washing.

Here are three ways a Teeco tent washing machine can improve the way you wash tents and manage your inventory.

#1: Upgrade Lower-Tier Tents to a Wedding White Condition

Your top-notch tents appear to be in excellent condition – until they’re stacked next to brand new vinyl.

Then, reality sets in: The tents you’ve been renting to weddings and other important events contain a layer of caked on gray film.

Teeco’s tent washing machines are powered to deep clean tents in a way that can’t be matched through hand washing. This ensures that your “A-grade” inventory contains the cleanest tents possible.

“For years, I only bought mops and paid people to get my tops somewhat clean,” said Matt Nadler of Grand Rental in St Louis. “The logic was not there. Buying a machine for our tent tops guarantees they get cleaned every time at a fraction of the effort.”

When customers use a machine to clean lower-quality tents in their inventory, they’re able to return a portion of these tops to a wedding-white condition.

Lending top-tier tents allows companies to bring in more money per rental, which makes businesses more profitable.

#2: Clean Webbing and Keeder

Teeco’s machines are powered to removed mud, grass, and any stain that comes your way from vinyl tents.

More importantly, each machine is powered to clean webbing and keeder – which cannot be washed by hand.

Over time, webbing and keeder become dark gray or black from extended use. This decreases the lifespan of A-grade tents, leading businesses to spend more money to restock their inventory.

Investing in a machine allows you to keep the tents you currently own on hand.

A Teeco machine gets these parts 100 percent clean, every time.

#3: Utilize The Power of Warm Water

There’s a reason why dishwashers use hot water: It cleans plates with caked-on food the most effectively.

Likewise, washing and rinsing tents with warm water removes the deepest stained-on dirt from tents and ensures are residual cleaning chemicals are removed from the tent top to extend its lifespan.

Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to hand wash tents with hot water – just ask anyone who’s accidentally put their hands under a scalding hot sink.

To safely and most effectively wash tents, Teeco recommends using 100-degree water during a machine wash.

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