What makes a Teeco tent washing machine unique?

Over twenty years ago, Steve and Becky Arendt started a tent rental company. While building this company, they developed a tent washing machine. Since then, Teeco has become the only washing machine provider in the world to focus solely on understanding everything about washing tents.

We have a dedicated service manager to help you when your machine needs repair or maintenance. We also work with our chemists to understand the best and most effective chemicals to clean any soils form your tent tops.

Our designs are always changing based on the feedback from our customers. The feedback we consistently get is that a Teeco machine does not cost much to maintain or repair. Our customers appreciate not having long term costs associated with owning a washer.

Our customers have proven to us that often maintenance is an area of their business that suffers. As an example, We use direct drive transmission that requires less maintenance instead of a price lowering chain and sprocket design. We also know that our systems will ultimately wear out. So, we designed our core drive train, so it is replaceable as a modular system. The entire drivetrain is replaceable with eight bolts. When shopping for tent washing machines, keep in mind the cost of ongoing and long-term maintenance. You will find that a driveshaft welded to the wash tank cost you less when you buy the machine. But, the cost associated with replacing a driveshaft that requires the use of a precision welding operation are high.

Our customers often have substantial employee turnover in their tent departments, and training on how to use the tent washing machine often gets overlooked. Price-cutting designs on the market today require an employee to monitor pumps that can easily get clogged, filters that need regular cleaning, and watching the quality of water that gets reused. Through the years, Teeco has designed machines that are simple to operate and can accommodate the high employee turnover in a typical tent rental operation.

Often the size of the drum is a significant consideration when washing large tent tops. Providing a drum size that will clean the square feet of tops, we say it will AND be strong enough to last you years is our priority. A machine designed by Teeco also considers the longterm stress that the weight of big tent tops puts on the drivetrain and substructure of a tent washer. Teeco wants to provide you with a machine that requires less maintenance, is
more durable, and will last you years.

Reasons that set Teeco Solutions apart from anyone in the industry:

  • Robust machines
  • A 20-year history
  • A worldwide presence
  • A five-year warranty
  • A three-year trade-up policy
  • A 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost of ownership
  • And a dedicated staff to “everything for cleaning tents”