What are the top four most common mistakes made during your busy times?

We asked our customers this question and this is what they said:
1. Pulling the wrong top due to mis-labeled fabric pieces.
2. Mis-count of pipes.
3. Pulling the wrong items for a tent kit because of the complexity of a mixed frame inventory.
4. Not handling wet fabric first in-first out, resulting in mildew in summer wet periods.
5. Mis-loaded trucks.
6. Tag falls off bundle or is never tagged in the first place. Requires roll-out to identify. (Time waster.)
7. Not thoroughly reading worksheet and omitting an item or loading incorrect item.
8. Assuming “dirty” tag means the piece is actually OK, and we should use it anyway…
9. Not bending over backwards to ensure that every customer has their expectations exceeded. A customer who has been blown away with our service and product is more valuable to us than literally thousands of dollars spent on advertising.
10. Not managing overtime.
11. Not checking up on tasks given. (Assuming that employees are going to work just as hard as you do.
12. Not using the reports in software to forecast equipment that needs to be readied to go out.

Would you be willing to tell us about what are common mistakes in your business? You can post them below.

Q. Why would we simply offer various free ideas on our website?
A: Yes we sell machines and certainly look forward to doing business with you some day. However it is our hope that by sharing our free ideas of implementing systems in your business that you can start to experiences the great reward of doing so (for free). Once you get the taste of this success, you may be ready to implement systems we have developed that include machines to “mechanize the manual “. After all you do manage a very people intensive business. And usually people struggle to produce predictable results and consistent cost. Predictable results and consistent cost are the lifeblood to a healthy business.