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HOW CAN I EXPECT MY BUSINESS TO IMPROVE AFTER I GET A FLAT PANEL TENT WASHING MACHINE? Flat panel machines can wash A LOT of material in a short amount of time. What type of production does your business need? What are the sizes of material you need to wash? Taking time to do your homework and define your production needs is invaluable. Check out the video below to see how you a a flat panel machine will impact your business.


HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO KEEP YOUR TENT TOPS LOOKING BRAND NEW? What’s the dirt like in your location and why do you need to consider that? And what does dirt have to do with the type and number of brushes of a flat panel machine? The video below will explain how and why soils, stains, brushes and warm water versus cold water –are all big considerations when having a flat panel machine built for your business.





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