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HOW DOES A TENT WASHING MACHINE WORK? Washing tents has never been easier. By mechanizing your washing process you can make dirty tents—and all the work they bring– a thing of the past! If you watch the video to the right, you’ll see that our machines wash large sections of any shape tent. You’ll also see how easy the whole process is; from loading and unloading to user friendly controls. If you want to simplify and hugely improve your washing operation, just turn the machine on, walk away and let IT do the work!


WHAT SIZE IS RIGHT FOR ME? If you’re thinking about a tent washing machine but wondering what size would be right for your business, watching the video to the right can help you narrow it down. There are several things to think about when choosing a washer so it’s important to consider your individual situation. By watching the video, you’ll see a chart with various sizes and configurations—that will get you started. To get the best understanding of what size machine is right for you, call us!        
WHAT DOES IT COST? For most companies, a tent washing machine is a significant—and savvy investment. What does a tent washing machine cost? Watch this video and we’ll tell you exactly how to get cost information, financing information and specifications.      

TESTIMONIALS The real story from people just like you! Folks in the tent rental business who know what it’s like to get customer complaints about dirty tents and who know what it’s like to be frustrated by the hand washing process– and now know what it’s like to see all that change after owning a tent washing machine. Nobody sells our machines better than the folks who have them. Click on the video to the right and see it for yourself!


THE TEECO GUARANTEES   A 90-day or your money back, a free parts for 5 years, and a trade in/up option…If you decide to invest in a tent washing machine, you need to feel comfortable and confident that it will absolutely make things easier and change your business for the way better. And you should know who you’re dealing with. We’re the leading provider of tent washing machines in the world and in order to protect that reputation, we want to make it very clear that our commitment and guarantees are genuine. We build a great machine and we stand behind it. The video to the right will lay it out there for you.

  HOW MUCH WILL I SAVE IN LABOR? A tent washing machine will work for you 24/7! It won’t ‘no-show,’ it won’t call in sick, and it WILL get your tents consistently and completely clean. And the labor savings with a tent washing machine are huge! The video to the right will explain the savings and show you how some of our customers have benefitted.