“Mistakes That Cost You Time & Time Again” by Steve Arendt, founder Teeco Solutions

Developing procedures to eliminate mistakes in busy times is easy and free. And best of all the results mean profit. Consider the following:

o The situation: It is your busy time and a mistake happens at a jobsite. The busier you get the more mistakes seem to happen.
o The Cost: The mistakes slow the entire workflow. In order to meet deadlines with slower workflows, overtime must be paid. Day after day overtime cost will pile up.
o The Solution: Step back and identify and document your most common mistakes. Then develop an internal procedure and system to ensure the mistakes don’t happen again.

Yes, this sounds so obvious and simple. We get so busy running our companies we don’t see the things that really drag us down. Slow down. Take an honest and close look. You will find places that the same mistake happens over and over! These things seem to evolve over time; it is not anybody’s fault. It is however up to you to discover it and fix it. Develop a procedure to eliminate the repeating of the mistake. Most importantly, communicate the new system to everybody involved.

Mistakes cost you real money. Mistakes that happen time and time again cost you the same real money, time and time again. This is like a small leak in a boat. It may not sink the boat, but over time it certainly affects the performance. Taking the time to find the leak and fixing it will go a long way to growing a company.

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