Is it safe to wash tents in a washing machine?

It is safe to wash tents in a machine designed to clean commercial party tents. Teeco has been providing washing machines worldwide for over 20 years. You will find a Teeco tent washing machine in every significant market in the USA. Washing in a Teeco tent washing machine has proven to increase the overall life expectancy of a tent top. You will keep you
top in A grade condition longer and be able to charge higher prices as a result.

There are three keys to washing tents safely in a tent washing machine. First, using water that is between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit for both the washing and rinsing is imperative. Some in the industry use cold water in the rinsing process. Coldwater will stiffen the vinyl, and stiff vinyl will unnecessarily rub against the drum of the washer, causing premature wear and tear. Second, it is imperative to rinse all the chemicals from the tent top thoroughly. Using a Teeco machine guarantees that you have the option of using fresh, clean water for every rinse. Sometimes a filthy tent requires excessive chemicals and will require three to four rinses with clean, warm water to ensure all chemicals are removed. Leaving chemical residue on a tent top will decrease the life of webbing and threads. Making sure that the
machine you choose can thoroughly rinse your tops is a smart decision. Finally, having a drum that rotates slower than a traditional washer and has an interior design to tumble the tents gently is key to the success of adding years to the life of your tent tops.