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How buying great tools can be a waste of money and time


Good tools are imperative to getting any job done efficiently. We also learned long ago that unless that tool integrated into the entire workflow of a job a new tool can be somewhat useless.
Let us take the purchase of a nail gun, something outside of our industry. No doubt, it can drive nails faster than a man with a hammer. Nail guns are often used to nail shingles on a roof. But there are situations where a nail gun can be useless. The most obvious is when we would see the person with the nail gun sitting around waiting for shingles to be delivered to the spot where he has to nail them down. At this point he and his new nail gun is only as good as the person delivering the shingles.
If we find a way to get the shingles to the roof faster, we may then discover that the delivery trucks cannot correctly supply the jobsite. On a jobsite, everything is related. The nail gun alone will not bring the most efficiency to the jobsite. The person in charge must look at the entire process of putting on roofs. This person must consider the process as starting with the shingles sitting on the supplier’s shelf and ending when the shingle is nailed to the roof. When striving for efficiencies, everything that happens between those two points must be considered. That person must integrate new systems, new procedures and new machines to create an effective jobsite.
Party renal is no different. Buying nice tools for one task will change that task. Changing the way you think about getting your inventory off the shelf, back to the shelf and everything in between will change your company.

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