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#1 - How clean will my tents get?

Teeco's machines completely remove dirt, grass, mildew, air pollution, and other stains from tents. Every machine is powered to completely clean webbing and keeder, which can’t be accomplished through hand washing. After one to two washes, customers often return 30 percent of their B-grade tents back into their inventory. Tents simply cannot be cleaned as quickly or efficiently through hand washing.

#2 - What is the cycle time?

Wash times vary by machine model, load size, and cleanliness of tents, but most cycles can typically be completed in as little as 20 minutes. To predict wash times based on your inventory, view our cycle steps chart.

#3 - How easy is it to set up/run?

Teeco’s Classic, Signature, and Turbo machines are easy to install – simply attach two hoses and plug the machine in; the moment the delivery truck arrives to washing tents can take as little as 60 to 90 minutes. Customers find comfort in the fact that we have a full-time service department ready to be on-site to assist with startup.

We also offer service plans to take care of your future maintenance and on-site service needs.

Teeco's Premier model is the workhorse of the tent rental industry. Customers who purchase this machine expect a washer that runs at capacity 24/7. This heavy duty industrial machinery often requires attachment to utilities that require tradesmen to install.

#4 - I'm a small business owner who’s looking to grow my business. Is a Teeco machine right for me?

As you expand your business, we want to grow with you! Can I trade-in or trade-up my machine? During this timeframe, trade in your current machine for a larger model to receive credit towards the price you originally paid. This will help you accommodate your growing business needs.

#5 - How much does a Teeco machine cost?

Teeco washing machines range from $37,000 to $160,000 and include a 5-year parts and workmanship warranty. Most companies finance their machines with monthly payments ranging from $736 to $3,180 per month. You may be eligible to use your section 179 tax code incentive to save an additional 30 to 40 percent.

#6 - How will a Teeco machine improve my business?

By purchasing a Teeco machine, you’re investing in your most valuable asset: Your business. In addition to cleaning tents, a Teeco washer can improve your daily operations by:
  • Eliminating dirty piles of tents
  • Increasing space in your warehouse
  • Expanding the life of tents
  • Keeping more tents in wedding-white condition
  • Growing profits by renting more tents
  • Decreasing labor costs
  • Boosting employee morale by ensuring they’ll no longer need to hand wash tents

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