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Here is the deal. You send us up to 250-400 square feet of top or sidewall that you cannot get clean enough to consider top grade again. We will wash it for free. All you pay for is the shipping!

Party rental stores in over 98% of the US cities experience this superior cleaning every day. It works and we will prove it! We do ask that by taking advantage of this offer you are serious about making a change in your business, about gaining the control to grow your business. Spend a few minutes with one of our consultants so that we can best understand your current situation as well as the changes you might need to make.

The picture below was taken by a customer of ours a few weeks after his machine was delivered. They were no longer able to use the dirty tops and normally would have gotten rid of them! With Teeco’s tent washing machine, they experienced more than clean tents– they increased their inventory without buying one extra top. If you want to experience the same results, just fill out the form to the right and one our coordinators will give you a call with the shipping instructions and details.

  • Increase the volume of tops in the top grade inventory by an average of $27,000 and NOT have to purchase any new tent tops
  • Increase life expectancy of top grade tents to 5-7 years
  • Increase inventory utilization by 30-50%, eliminating the dirty piles in busy times and always having those tops rent-ready, eliminating the dirty piles in busy times and always having those tops rent-ready
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