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Are you ready for your most important moment? Do you even know what moment that is?

by Steve Arendt

An entire party rental business is built around one moment. This moment is the rental cycle.
Inventory only makes money when it is sent to the jobsite. It sits on the shelf while the marketing and sales efforts work hard to find a place. When the sale finally comes the rental cycle begins. That inventory comes off the shelf. It gets used. Then it is returned, repaired and cleaned. Finally it is ready for the next rental cycle.
The whole existence of the company works very hard for the rental cycle moment to happen. It is the most important moment of the company.
Teeco Solutions exist to make the rental cycle as efficient as possible. Making the cycle happens quickly, safely, with high quality, and as cost effective as possible is a key to becoming a great rental company.
We study this cycle. We find methods to improve this cycle. We also build tent washing machine, tent dryers, flat panel washing machines, and structure washers. We address stake driving, pulling stakes, material handling, warehousing, delivery, raising center poles, and the best use of labor at the jobsite.

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