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“I’ve been in this business for better than 20 years and can’t think of a smarter decision that I’ve made that has had such a positive impact on improving the productivity and quality of my operations. My investment in the Teeco washing machine was paid back in the first year. “

Simon Tilly, Owner, InTent Solutions, Gothenburg, Sweden

“Making the purchase of a Model 3000 machine from Teeco Solutions was a big decision for us at Aable Rents. Prior to making the decision we researched the economics of purchasing the machine utilizing 3 years of historical data. Based on our labor savings calculations, we are estimating that we will save upwards of $15,000 in labor costs alone over the traditional manual washing of tents in the coming year. What’s more we’ve already found that the Teeco washer improves the quality look of our tents over manual washing. We’re now able to clean those hard to get at webbing and straps that we were never able to properly clean before. Our primary goal at Aable Rents over the years has been to provide quality products and unparalleled service to our customers. Meeting or exceeding our customers expectations with every event, every party, no exceptions, no excuses. With the help of Teeco Solutions, this goal has become much easier to accomplish efficiently.”

Ramsey Duqum, Aable Rents, Cleveland, OH

“Traube Tent is fast becoming one of the largest tent rental companies in the Midwest. Up till recently, we had an older tent washer that had served us well for almost 10 years and was saving us approximately 50% of the labor costs versus traditional hand washing. Over the past year, we’ve been talking with Teeco Solutions quite a bit to see how we could create value for both our companies by forming a partnership to work together to further improve operating efficiencies for our business, while at the same time provide Steve Arendt and Teeco Solutions an opportunity to field test, develop and improve its line of equipment. Our first move was for us to purchase the Model 3000 washer. This machine is able to wash twice the volume of material that our previous washer could handle. As a result we’ve been able to reduce our washroom labor expense by an additional 25%. On top of this, we’ve purchased Teeco’s PowerCrew 1 unit that is already showing great promise at improving efficiencies and material handling at the job site. In our first week of ownership we took down over 15,000 square feet of tents at one job in a field with 2″ of standing water. Thanks to the PowerCrew we were able to do this without damaging the field and within our timeline. Whether we’re talking about the driving or pulling of tent stakes or quickly and efficiently setting up or striking large pole tents, the PowerCrew 1 is proving to be a valuable addition to the business.”

-Steve Traube – Traube Tent Company, Columbia, IL.


“We have become one of the largest tent rental companies in Canada servicing customers from Nova Scotia into the upper New England states. We gave the purchase of the Model 3000 serious consideration before moving on it. After all, this is a large capital expenditure. But the way that we looked at it was that as long as we are renting tents, we’re going to be washing tents. That said, if we can improve the morale of our workers while at the same time improve the quality of tent washing, we’ve accomplished a lot. Already, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the look of our tent inventory. We have been able to successfully migrate a significant percentage of our “C” grade tents to “B” grade, and that is having a positive impact on both our top and bottom line.”

Allen McCandless – Commercial Tent Rentals & Sales Limited, Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.


“Making the purchase of a Model 3000 machine from Teeco Solutions was a big decision, but a smart one. In the first year alone, we’ve been able to save the company approximately $35,000 in labor costs over the traditional manual washing of tents. What’s more the Teeco washer dramatically improved the quality look of our tents, such that it wasn’t necessary for us to purchase new tent tops to replace dingy looking tent material. Additionally, we’ve found that washing our tents in the Teeco washer cleans those hard to get at webbing and straps that we were never able to properly clean by hand making for a much higher quality look for our customers. Yes, I’d say the purchase of the Teeco washer was a very smart investment for our company.”

Ed Knight, EventQuip, Lansdale, PA


“Right off the bat we realized what a good decision we made to purchase the Model 3000 washer from Teeco. We have been able to literally cut our labor dedicated to washing tents by 50%. Where in the past we would need to hire additional workers to wash tents during our busy season, we can manage the tent washing with our existing workers and allow those same workers to multi-task after they’ve thrown the tent material into the machine. Additionally, the tents are coming out of the wash so much cleaner than they ever did when they were manually washed. Because we’re able to wash considerably more tent material in less time, we’re also able to dry and return the clean and dried tent material to inventory ready for the next rental. In summary, I’d have to say that in the 26 years that we’ve been in business that the purchase of the Teeco washer was one of the smartest equipment purchases that we’ve ever made.”

Nick Ivancevic, Regency Party Rentals, West Palm Beach, FL


“The purchase of both the Teeco Solutions Model 3000 washer and dryer was a smart move. We’ve not only reduced the labor requirements for tent maintenance, but at the same time, improved the quality of our tent inventory to better serve the high-profile event market. I highly recommend Teeco Solutions.”

Mark Holland, Director of Operations, Chattanooga Tent, Chattanooga, TN


“Previously the manual washing of the marquees failed to get them properly cleaned. Now with the washer and dryer combination provided by Teeco Solutions, the crews can turn marquees around quickly without having to rewash or expend any additional labor.”

Justin Jol, National Manager Special Projects, Moreton Hire, Australia


“The Teeco washer is literally the best equipment purchase I ever made for my business. I highly recommend Teeco’s line of washers to tent rental operators of my size and larger.”

Bart Nye, Owner, Prime Time Party Rental, Dayton, OH


“The Teeco Tent Washing Machine is the best purchase we have ever made.”

Mark Lagerman, Tents and Events, Feasterville, PA


“I purchased a tent washer from Teeco in 2000, and it completely turned our lives around. We now are able to wash and maintain our tents year round with fewer staff and more efficiently. We even wash a lot of tents the day before setup and let them dry after they are set up. Very convenient!”

Bob Spatola, Spatola’s Party Rental, Inc., Rochester, NY


“We purchased our Teeco washer many years ago. The driving reason was the overtime we were absorbing in our attempt to clean both walls and tents. Despite our best efforts, tent complaints were frequent. Within just a few weeks of installation, our vinyl product looked better than it had in years, OT dropped to a minimum, and customer complaints all but disappeared. One of the single best investments we have ever made in our overall infrastructure and highly recommended to anyone in the tent industry.”

Matthew Holt, Adams Rental and Sales, Inc., Flemington, NJ


“This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I should have done it years ago.”

Andy Wurst, Delphos Tent & Awning, Inc., Delphos, OH