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It was 1997.  We were just getting started.  We had nothing but time, energy, a pick-up truck, a barn, and a desire to succeed.  An idea germinated…  A service-oriented tent rental business could work here.  Time passed.  A service-oriented tent rental business did work here.  Three years later, we had a few employees, a few trucks, our business was growing and sales were good—but not great.  The long, taxing hours we were putting in and the money coming in—although decent—something didn’t add up.  Something had to change.  What would it take to get from good to great – to move our business to the next level?  After a long, hard look at every aspect of the business, we had an “ah-ha” moment.  We realized that efficiency was the key; that over-all inefficiency was hindering growth.  Long story short, we strive to meet the needs of those who own and put up tents.  Our goal is simple—we want to make party rental firms more efficient and more profitable.

Teeco is focused on providing you with better machines and ways for business. Click on the links below to see further ways to improve your business.

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