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Gentle Scrub Detergent


Teeco’s Gentle Scrub is formulated to safely & effectively work with your tent washing machine. *Note: this product is only sold in the continental U.S. Prices do not include shipping.

50 lb. box:  $70.50

NOTE: Many of our customers order 10 or more boxes to take advantage of more efficient freight cost.

This product is only sold in the contiguous United States. Pricing above is for U.S. shipping only. Call 866-395-1824 for Canadian shipping rates.


If you are machine washing tents, the washing machine is not complete without the right detergent. Teeco’s Gentle Scrub Tent Detergent is specifically formulated to safely and effectively work with your washer to get you the best results possible. Why is Gentle Scrub superior to other detergents?

> It is designed to get the toughest acid rain / pollutions stains off tent tops that have been left up in (or near) industrial cities for extended periods of time.

> It is designed not only to wash the tough stains on vinyl tops but also to completely and thoroughly clean all strapping and webbing.

> Because tent tops are sensitive to temperature, Gentle Scrub is designed to perform at the temperature needed to safely and effectively wash tents, eliminating the need for higher washing temperatures usually required with the other cleaning products.

> Tents washed in machines produce excellent results, unless the cleaning product fails to rinse away completely. Gentle Scrub provides the rinsing ability to make sure you have a great looking final product.

*Note: This product is only sold in the United States & Canada. Pricing above is for U.S. shipping only. Call 877-712-9172 for Canadian shipping rates.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 17 in
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