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OUR OFFER TO YOU:  If you schedule some time to visit us on the way home from the ARA show in Orlando, we’ll pay for your plane ticket.  Already purchased your tickets?  We’ll pay to re-route you through St. Louis. And who wouldn’t want a free trip to St. Louis?!

If you’d like to come and check us out, just let us know.  We promise your time will be well spent and we’ll answer all of your questions.  Every single one of them–we guarantee it! Call Chandra at 877-712-9172 to schedule a visit.

We often have potential customers who are serious about purchasing a machine ask us if we would come see them. The short answer is yes. We could come and learn about your business and tell you how the machine might fit into your business; BUT the truth is….showing is better than telling.

We know that making a significant investment like a tent washing machine is nothing to take lightly; so we’d like you to think about coming to see us–and taking advantage of our “Peace of Mind Before You Spend A Dime Guarantee”  It’s one day out of your like for a potential investment that will have a HUGE, positive, profitable effect on your business.


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FREE and EASY offer worth $1500!


  1. After we pick you up at the airport, we’ll take you to see at least one St. Louis tent rental company who uses our machine. You’ll talk directly with the people who operate the machines and run the companies and see firsthand how the machine has impacted their business.
  2. Next, we’ll visit the 44,000 square foot manufacturing facility where you’ll meet the people who actually build the machines as well as the folks who would assist you with any questions or repairs in the years to come.
    ALSO—during this visit, you’ll receive training on your machine before you buy it.  You’ll learn how it gets unloaded, how it gets set in place and hooked up and how to use it. We’ll show you how easy it is to have your machine up and running within a few hours of delivery.  AND you’ll see firsthand how the machines are built to minimize breakdown, and if they do breakdown we’ll show you how you or your local mechanic can fix the machine within 24 hours.
  3. We’ll take you to lunch and you will meet the rest of the Teeco team.

And finally — almost anyone in almost any business will tell you that spending $40,000 to $140,000 is not a decision to take lightly so while you’re here ASK QUESTIONS! Ask us, the folks at the rental facility or the folks in the shop anything and everything you can think of while you’re here—our hope is that once the trip is complete, you’ll have total confidence in us and in our machines.

Call us now at 877-712-9172 to schedule your trip!