Tent Cleaning Chemicals

Are you sure which chemicals to use on specific stains? Do you know what chemicals are safe for your tents? Do you know how to use those chemicals? While in the tent rental industry, Teeco discovered that no chemicals on the market addressed the industry’s specific needs. After researching and consulting with chemists, Teeco developed a line of cleaning chemicals for hand washing, machine washing, and spot cleaning – all specifically formulated to deal with the very unique stains that challenge the tent rental business.



Tent Soaps & Detergents Selection Chart

For use in tent washing machines For use in hand washing applications or buffer applications Must be diluted with water before applying Removes tar and tape Removes black or gray stains caused by air pollution Removes pollen and dirt left by contact with soil EPA Registered and approved
teECO Clean Fair Excellent Excellent
Teeco Tent Fab Clean Fair Fair Excellent
Tent Stain Eliminator (liquid) Superior Superior Superior
Gentle Scrub (powder) Fair Excellent Excellent


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